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Quality : DVDRip
Sinopsis: "Drop" tells the story of a boy named Shinanogawa Hiroshi (Hiroki Narimiya) , who grew up in the 1980s. He became inspired by the Be-Bop High School manga and decided to become a delinquent. Hiroshi dropped out of a private middle school and transferred to a public school. With his hair in a very shot hairstyle dyed to red, he attracts the attention of the schools gang lead by Iguchi Tatsuya (Hiro Mizushima). After a fight with Tatsuya, Hiroshi ends up joining their delinquent gang. What follows is the story of friendship and making the right choices.

Release Date : 20 March 2009 Starring : Hiroki Narimiya, Hiro Mizushima and Yuika Motokariya Quality : DVDRip Genre : Comedy Info :
Download Film: part1-part2-part3-part4-part5 |DVDRip|425MB|EU
download |DVDRip|900MB|IDWS - Rename .rar menjadi .avi
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* petunjuk g…

Notice for Visitor (NOT FROM INDONESIA!)

Notice ini untuk para pengunjung dari luar Indonesia.

 Bila Anda seorang pengunjung Blog ini, Saya mohon maaf atas ketidak nyamannya dalam membaca artikel-artikel Saya yang pada saat di terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Anda, beberapa kata tidak bisa diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Anda. Harap dimaklumi.

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Quality : DVDRip
Sinopsis: By all appearances, Samantha (Courtney Ford) and Mason (Steve Sandvoss) are the picture perfect couple: young, attractive, successful, and madly in love. At her sister Allison’s (Ellen Hollman) idyllic spring wedding, Samantha, a twenty-something fashion designer, finds herself irresistibly drawn back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, James (Brandon Routh), a surprise wedding guest. Meanwhile, Mason, a published novelist just shy of thirty, spends a flirtatious evening culminating in a steamy hot tub encounter with his best friend Luke’s (Nick Wechsler) 18 year-old sister, Olivia (Shoshana Bush).

Carefully sneaking out of James’s room, Sam is startled by Mason and confesses her affair. But Mason’s reaction is not quite what is expected. So begins Fling. This twist on the classic love story addresses concerns that every couple must deal with: honesty, jealousy, commitment, maturity, understanding and ultimately the capacity for love.

Release Date : 20…


Quality : DVDRip
Sinopsis: Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy (Kevin Costner) is a former golf prodigy who has little ambition. He owns a driving range in West Texas, where he drinks and hangs out with his pal Romeo Posar (Cheech Marin) and their friends. Dr. Molly Griswold (Rene Russo), a clinical psychologist, wants a golf lesson. She asks Roy because he knows her boyfriend David Simms (Don Johnson), a top professional golfer. Roy is immediately attracted, but she sees through his charm and resists.

Simms shows up at Roy's trailer, offering money to be his caddy at a benefit tournament, as Roy knows the course. During the round, however, Roy needles him about "laying up" instead of having the nerve to go for the green by carrying a 230-yard shot across a water hazard. Simms maintains this is Roy's problem, going for it recklessly instead of playing the percentages. Roy brags that he can make a shot Simms refuses to try. Bets are placed and Tin Cup's shot is perf…


Quality : mHD
Sinopsis: Nasib orang memang tidak ada yang pernah tahu. Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) misalnya, ia mungkin tak pernah berharap menjadi orang terkenal. Bahkan untuk bisa hidup layak saja mungkin sudah di luar impiannya. Tapi itu semua berubah ketika ia bertemu Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock) dan Sean Touhy (Tim McGraw) yang memberinya harapan baru.

Michael Oher adalah seorang anak kulit hitam yang tumbuh di keluarga broken home. Tanpa tempat berlindung dan tanpa pendidikan yang memadai, nasib Oher memang tak pernah jelas. Keluarga Touhy yang merasa prihatin lantas mengadopsi Oher menjadi anak mereka. Mereka tak peduli meski Oher bukan anak kulit putih seperti keluarga mereka.

Dengan dukungan dari keluarga barunya ini, semangat Oher pun tumbuh. Tanpa harus meninggalkan sekolahnya, Oher memilih football sebagai jalan hidupnya. Seiring berjalannya waktu, Oher pun tumbuh menjadi atlet football yang berbakat. Tak ada yang mengira bahwa Oher semula hanyalah anak tunaw…


Quality : mHD
Sinopsis: Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a recently retired tennis pro, takes up a job as a tennis instructor at an upmarket London club. He strikes up a friendship with a pupil, Tom Hewett (Matthew Goode), after discovering a common affinity for opera. Tom's younger sister, Chloe (Emily Mortimer), is smitten with Chris and the two begin dating. During a family gathering, Chris meets Tom's fiancée, Nola Rice (Scarlett Johansson). Tom's mother Eleanor (Penelope Wilton) clearly does not approve of her son's relationship with a struggling American actress, a source of tension. Chloe encourages her father to give Chris a job as an executive in one of his companies; Chris begins to be accepted into the family, and marriage is discussed.

Chris is attracted to Nola, and during a storm he follows her outside, comes on strongly to her and they make love in a field, feeling both passionate and guilty. Nola treats this as an accident; Chris wants an ongoing cland…


Quality : mHD
Sinopsis: Liu Siu-jian (Jet Li), a Chinese intelligence agent, is sent to Paris to help apprehend Chinese mob boss Mr. Big (Ric Young), who is involved in heroin smuggling. He meets Inspector Jean-Pierre Richard (Tchéky Karyo), a corrupt and violent French police detective, at a hotel. Richard tricks Liu into believing he is simply providing reconnaissance of a meet involving Mr. Big.

The plans are changed when Mr. Big is introduced to two prostitutes, one being Jessica Kamen (Bridget Fonda), an American woman, who takes him to his room to service him. While Liu and the rest were watching through the surveillance camera, Mr. Big kicks everyone out except for the two prostitutes. While a prostitute is on top of Mr. Big, she attempts to murder him. Witnessing the events from a surveillance room, Liu rushes to stop the prostitutes. Richard enters shortly later, only to shoot Mr. Big and the prostitute with Liu's police-issue handgun, framing Liu for the murders.



Quality : HDRip
Sinopsis: Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) and Sue Storm (Jessica Alba) prepare for their wedding. A silver object enters Earth's atmosphere, radiating cosmic energy that creates massive molecular fluctuations and causes deep craters at locations across the Earth. The US government approaches Reed to track the movements of the object.

As the wedding begins Reed's systems detect the phenomenon approaching New York City. The object destroys the sensors while the Fantastic Four protect the crowd. Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) pursues the object, discovering that it is the "Silver Surfer". He confronts the Surfer, who drags Johnny into the upper atmosphere then drops him back toward Earth. Johnny manages to reactivate his powers and survives the fall. Later, when Sue tries to comfort Johnny, she touches his shoulders and their powers switch - he becomes invisible, and she is set on fire; when they touch again their powers revert back. Reed's examination …


Quality : HDRip
Sinopsis: Dikisahkan Dr. Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), Susan Storm ( Jessica Alba), Ben Grimm ( Michael Chiklis) dan Johnny Storm ( Chris Evans ) merupakan sekelompok ilmuwan dan sahabat dekat. Mereka melakukan sebuah misi penilitian dengan menguji sebuah pesawat luar angkasa. Namun, karena sebuah kecelakaan kecil, akhirnya eksperimen tersebut berubah jadi kekacauan.

Saat kembali ke Bumi, mereka baru menyadari bahwa hidup mereka berubah selama-lamanya. Setiap atom dalam tubuh mereka mengalami mutasi yang berubah jadi kemampuan khusus. Tubuh Reed dapat memanjang seperti karet dan mendapat julukan Mr Fantastic, kekasihnya Sue Storm memiliki kemampuan menghilang serta membuat barikade tak terlihat dan dijuluki Invisible Girl.

Hal yang sama terjadi pada Johnny dan Ben. Johnny tubuhnya bisa menyala seperti api dan mempunyai kemampuan terbang sehingga disebut sebagai Human Torch. Sedangkan Ben berubah wujud jadi monster karena kulitnya yang berubah keras seperti ba…


Quality : DVDRip
Sinopsis: The story opens with a Creole woman digging up a small briefcase from the ground in the pouring rain. She then proceeds to get in her car an drive down the Louisiana road. Meanwhile at a local burger joint, high school senior, Eden, is working with her best friends Rachel and CeCe while the rest of her friends hang around the place.

Ricky is aimlessly flirting with Patty and Tammy by giving them alcohol. Eric and Sean talk about important matters until Ray Swayer pulls up in his tow truck. Everyone stare and whisper rumors about him while Ray picks his order up. Ray is Sean's biological father. After he leaves, Rachel says how much he scares her, while Tammy flashes Ray while he eats in his truck. After work Eden begins to bike home alone but Eric catches up to her to talk to her about about going to college in New York. While they were talking, Ray drives up and asks if Eden's alright. When he's sure, he begins to leave when another ca…


Quality : BRRip
Sinopsis: Griet (Scarlett Johansson) is a shy girl living in the Dutch Republic in the 1660s. Her father, a Delftware painter, has recently gone blind, rendering him unable to work and putting his family in dire straits. Consequently, Griet is sent to work as a maid in the unhappy household of the painter Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth).

Griet works hard, almost wordlessly, in the lowest position in a harsh hierarchy, where even one of the Vermeer's children treat her spitefully. On a routine shopping trip outside the house, a butcher's son, Pieter (Cillian Murphy), is quickly taken with Griet, though she is slow to return his affections.

As Griet cleans Vermeer's studio, which his wife never enters, they become casually acquainted and he encourages her appreciation of painting, light and color. Vermeer gives her lessons in mixing paints and other tasks, taking care to keep this secret from his thin-lipped wife Catharina (Essie Davis), who would react…


Quality : DVDRip
Sinopsis: The film starts with a brief introduction featuring a bald eagle gliding over the homeland of the mustangs, which resembles several western US National Parks. There is then a scene showing the birth of a Dun Kiger Mustang, Spirit (voiced in his narrations by Matt Damon). Spirit soon grows into a stallion, and assumes the role of leader of the herd, whose duty it is to keep the herd safe. This is demonstrated when he saves two foals from a mountain lion.

Spirit is a courageous leader, but has a serious mischievous streak and a high sense of curiosity. Spotting a camp one night not far from his herd, the stallion is unable to control his curiosity and moves towards it, as he's never seen humans before. To Spirit's surprise, the humans (possibly wranglers) are vicious. After a long chase, he is captured and taken to a US cavalry post. During this time in the film, the army is fighting the Indian Wars and taking over the soon-to-be western United States.…


Quality : HDRip
Sinopsis: Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) memutuskan untuk pergi berlibur. Kali ini ia berkeinginan belibur ke luar negeri. Perancis menjadi negeri tujuan. Dan ia pun menuju ke selatan Perancis untuk sebuah liburan sederhana.

Tiada perjalan yang mulus bagi Mr Bean. Demikian pula dengan perjalanan wisatanya kali ini. Saat menuju ke Riviera dari London, di bawah hangatnya sinar matahari, Mr Bean kembali 'mengubah dunia'. Dan perjalanannya pun berubah menjadi kekacauan. Di mana ada Mr Bean di situ muncul kekacauan. Kecerobohannya menciptakan kekacauan ke manapun ia pergi. Puncaknya, saat ia menghadiri festival film Cannes. Dalam festival ini tanpa sengaja ia memutar video pribadinya.

Release Date : 28 March 2007 Starring : Rowan Atkinson, Willem Dafoe and Steve Pemberton Quality : HDRip Genre : Comedy | Family Info :
Download Film: part1-part2-part3-part4-part5 |HDRip|500MB|EU
download |R5|700MB|IDWS
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Garuda OS - OS asli Indonesia

Assalamualaikum para pecinta OS sekalian... Baru saja Saya melihat-lihat Blog alias Blogwalking di Rachmat View dan langsung tertarik dengan artikel yang berjudul Garuda OS. Setelah Saya baca-baca, wah menarik juga nich OS. Baiklah berikut ini daftar dari fiturnya :

Tanggal Rilis : 20-5-2011
Pengguna : Pemula s/d Mahir
Ukuran : 3.6 GB

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