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Quality : DVDRip

When the Griffins go swimming in the Quahog Community Pool, Peter tries teaching Stewie to swim and attempts to toss him into the pool despite Stewie begging to be put down. Lois takes Stewie to swimming lessons where Stewie meets Brad, a child about his age who is "The Star Swimmer", and in jealousy does everything he can to steal Brad's glory, as a last resort he tries to kill Brad by rigging a lifeguard chair with dynamite and luring Brad beneath it with marzipan, however, Stewie's detonator malfunctions, blowing up the legs of chair causing it to fall on Stewie. He ends up in hell where Steve Allen seems to try and rape him (but only needs help with his shirt collar); when Stewie is revived by Lois, he believes it is a sign for him to be a good boy.

After learning the new video store - Lackluster Video - will not give Peter pornography to rent, Peter vents his frustration in front of Tom Tucker, who gives him a job at Quahog 5, hosting a segment called You Know What Really Grinds My Gears, in which he rants about things that bother him. Peter becomes extremely popular, overshadowing Tucker, who is fired after attempting to distract Peter during filming.

Stewie attempts to be a good boy by smothering Brian with affection. Brian finally goads Stewie into reverting to his old, violent ways by crushing a spider web and eating the spider. Stewie starts drinking heavily, following Brian's way of coping. Brian attempts to cure Stewie of his alcoholism by taking him out for a night of drinking at the Drunken Clam. While drunk, Stewie Crashes Brian's car through the wall of the bar. Knowing Stewie is Peter's son, Tom takes advantage of the situation and presents footage of the accident at the news station. Peter is fired and Tom is rehired as the anchor. The next morning, Stewie has a hangover and has the words "Property Of Roger Moore" emblazened on his chest and realises his lonely existence in the world, and wishes that there were someone else to whom he could relate (this person, who looks like Stewie but is an adult, is shown to the viewers seconds later checking in at a hotel in San Francisco). At the end Stewie says its good he opped drinking now so it wouldn't have any repurcutions later in life then it cuts to Roger Moore in his mansion holding a napkin with Stewie's number on it and calls him then hangs up after one ring.

Release Date : 27 September 2005
Starring : Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein and Seth Green
Quality : DVDRip
Genre : Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Info :

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